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INVISI.CARE LTD. reinforces family support for adult parents living independently. INVISICARE developed the world’s first award-winning technology that works for our loved parents and does not require our parents to work for it. INVISICARE removes the need of acquiring and operating wearable sensors, intrusive apps or installing expensive smart home systems. It is transparent, contact-free and hardware-free.
INVISICARE’S blind algorithm technology uses encrypted data (for maximum privacy) accumulated regularly by telecom operators – cellular, TV, internet and phone – to learn and track individual behavioral patterns and to identify abnormalities of interest.
INVISICARE is the first sensor-free sensing solution that offers an exciting 24/7/365 service for the entire family.
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INVISI.CARE’s unique and inexpensive solution is significantly improving the lives of many families.


With time, the quantity and quality of the data gathered will allow for the development of clinical grade products aimed at reducing burdens on the health and social care systems.


Our product is not a medical device. It is not intended to aid in the diagnosis or monitoring of a medical condition or disease.

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