Connect to your loved parents

INVISICARE is an exciting new way to connect families supporting loved parents and older relatives living an independent, safe and private life at home. Connect now to how your loved ones are really doing and not to what they’re doing with our award-winning technology that provides support without compromising privacy. Make sure your family is empowered with personalized practical guidance and real time feedback. No hardware or app is needed on your loved parents’ side.

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INVISICARE works for our loved parents and does not require them to work it. INVISICARE is hardware-free, contact-free and requires no installation or maintenance. No need to struggle with wearable sensors or operate intrusive smartphone applications are necessary.

The award winning sensor-free sensing™ and blind algorithm™ technologies keep parents’ life totally private while monitoring their wellbeing. Families stay connected to how loved parents are doing and not to what they’re doing.

The INVISICARE Family Companion connects families and loved parents in a totally new way, providing personalized practical guidance and advice when it is most needed.

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of older adults aged 65+ reported hiding their true condition from family not to become a burden
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of those 65+ family and friends is the most significant source of support
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of those 65+ experienced deterioration during the COVID-19 lockdown
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of those 65+ experienced deterioration in two or more aspects

The INVISICARE Family Companion

Get the best assistance to support your loved parents’ independent, safe and fulfilling life at home.

The Family Companion notifications feed always shows how your loved parents are doing (but not what they are doing). It will generate a notification in case of distress and include guidance and information to help you understand and handle the situation. When needed, it will build a personalized get well program and communicate it to the supporting family step by step.
The Family Companion is designed to deliver a positive family experience. Loved parents enjoy their independence, privacy and safety and that “never alone” feeling. Devoted families connect to an empowered yet streamlined role in supporting loved parents’ life at home.

Maximum Privacy

INVISICARE’S unique blind algorithm™ technology utilizes encrypted data so that your parents’ privacy cannot be breached.

Connect now to your loved parents

Install the INVISICARE Family Companion app.
Invite your family to join. Your parents must accept the simple SMS invitation sent from your app. However, no installation or hardware is required from their side. Of course all family members are welcome to enjoy INVISICARE.
INVISICARE is “on it!”

Key features

How does INVISICARE work?

INVISICARE’S award winning sensor-free sensing™ and blind algorithm™ technologies are designed for uncompromising privacy. Blind Algorithms use encrypted usage data regularly collected and stored by telecom operators. Telecom operators apply advanced data encryption so that your loved parents’ privacy and data cannot be breached.


INVISICAREs’ blind algorithms are based on cutting edge mathematical models that are able to detect, based solely on encrypted data, unexpected patterns and behaviors representing points in which family intervention is recommended.


INVISICARE ensures senior parents’ private lives remain private with a transparent hardware and operation free solution.


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